Welcome the website that has been dedicated to real estate agents in Canada who are focusing on residential, waterfront and rural properties. There is a lot of great information here that will not only benefit the new real estate agent but the seasoned ones as well. It is also a great place to visit for buyers and sellers of real estate, so they can get an idea of the responsibilities of the realtors in Canada. Some of the highlights of what you are going to find here are as follows:

What realtors need to know to get started

This is just a basic overview of what it is like to get started in the real estate industry in Canada. It will give someone who is interested in this some greater insight.

Waterfront Property

While the basics of selling the property are the same, all properties are not the same. We have put some focus on selling the waterfront properties because this is something that can bring higher commissions to the agent. There are also some unique factors about this type of property that real estate agents have to be aware of. For those that are thinking about specializing in the sale of this type of property, the post we have created here will be most helpful.

Residential Real Estate

It is common for new real estate agents to first enter into the residential real estate when they are starting out. The post that we have created here talks about the basics of buying and selling this type of property. It is a good place to start for the realtor who wants to gain some experience fast.

Rural Property

This type of property presents more challenges. Our post will explain what these are, and how overcoming them has some additional benefits. Some real estate agents shy away from this real estate category because they feel it is more difficult.