Every real estate agent working in Canada has to be properly trained and licenced to sell properties. No matter what type of property it is. This doesn’t mean that they can’t specialize in a particular type of property. They have this option. It depends on what their preferences are. Some want to focus just on selling waterfront properties.

Knowing the Market

Real Estate agents who are going to be selling waterfront properties need to know their target market. This will be far different from those who are interested in buying residential or rural property. The types of buyers for these properties will have specific expectations. Some will want this type of property for the view. Others will want it because they want to make use of their boat.

Then there will be those who want to have water available for the entertainment of their family. Real estate agents need to know the wants and needs of those interested in this property and then target them directly.


Clients who are selling a waterfront property will often place high expectations on what they want to sell their property for. The real estate agent has to bring them back to reality. This professional will have to show them what similar properties in the area have sold for. They will need to explain to the client that the longer the property is on the market the more difficult it is to sell. If the client is demanding too high of a price it can create this type of situation.

The realtor also has to be cautious about underpricing the property. Although this may create a quick sale it may not be appealing to the sellers. It can also affect the market in the area which will have an effect on other sales.


It isn’t just enough to know that the property has a waterfront. There will be other features that a prospective buyer will be interested in. It is up to the real estate agent to familiarize themselves with all the additional benefits and features the waterfront property has to offer. These can be used as selling features. The more features there are the faster the realtor will be able to find a buyer.

Home Inspection

The realtor should encourage a home inspection. This is proper realty practice and there should be nothing about the deal that will cause a delay in the property deal closing. It helps to remove a lot of problems. Even if something is found to be wrong during the inspection, negotiations can still continue.

The buyer will then be aware that something is hindering the sale and can rectify it. Or they can suggest reducing the price and letting the potential buyer deal with the issue.