Real estate agents that are just starting out in the industry usually have the education but what they lack is the experience. Most will start out selling and buying in residential areas. Canada offers a lot of opportunities for real estate agents but it is a competitive business. This means that those that want to succeed have to commit themselves to their new career. While they are gaining experience there is a lot they can learn in the early stages of their career that is not taught in their courses.


Real estate agents are responsible for the marketing of the residential homes they are going to be listing on behalf of their clients. This comes with a cost and is usually part of the brokerage budget and the costs allocated according to the agreement that the real estate agent makes with the broker they have chosen to go with.

The processes the real estate person uses for his marketing campaigns ha to be done with due diligence to keep the costs down. This can be done effectively with the realtor studying his particular target market. The same target market is not applicable to each house that the realtor lists. There will be some specifics that the agent must know about in order to fine-tune the market he is going to approach.

Every Client Deserves Customer Service

Real estate agents are paid by commission. Lower priced houses will generate lower income for the realtor compared to higher-priced homes. However, the real estate agent should treat every client with the same quality of customer service. The agent never knows when a satisfied client will make a referral to someone that is going to sell a much higher priced home. A successful real estate agent will build a good reputation.

Presenting Offers

Realtors are trained in the specifics and legalities of presenting an offer. What they need to do is develop the skills to close the deal. They have to be honest with their clients when they present an offer. If they feel it is a good offer then they should relate this if they don’t then this should be stated too. However, every offer must be presented to the client and they should be able to make their decision freely without coercion on the part of the agent.

Set Proper Ethics

Real estate agents have a lot of competition to deal with. However, they are constantly coming into contact with other realtors. There is usually the selling agent and the buying agent. Most agents will learn to work with their counterparts as they can benefit each other. There are certain ethics and standards that they have to set for themselves. Otherwise, other agents within their own brokerage or outside of it will be hesitant to cooperate with them.

These are great tips for the real estate agent that is going to be selling residential properties in Canada. However, they apply to the sale of rural and waterfront properties as well. While there isn’t a big market for repeat business for selling the same residential house, there is big business when it comes to referrals. Real estate agents in Canada can build a reputation for themselves which will be important to both buyers and sellers of property. There are many successful real estate agents in Canada who have set up rules for themselves that work.