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Walloper Lake Lot
Sold $109,000
Crown Lease
There is two smaller sheds no the property facing Walloper Lake. One is 10' x 16' and has a bed and stove for winter use. One is 10' x 15' - 6"
Two outdoors biffy's.
The property has a flat level grade off the secondary access road. The property is nicely treed and very private, with a lovely view of the west end of Walloper Lake. Nice south easterly exposure with plenty of sunny exposure. Older dock at the lakeside.
The property is .95 acre in size with 176' road frontage on the west side x 100' of lakefrontage with southern exposure. 307' on the south side on the neighbors side x 294' on the north side.
The property has wire mesh fencing on south side with the neighbor. The neighbors wire mesh fencing is over on the property at the road entrance, which he uses for raising his birds. The neighbors keeps the driveway, bridge and the public access road plowed in the winter months, which is some what of a trade off. Should any new owner require the fencing to be moved, then the neighbor will have to make the necessary changes.
There is a creek that cuts through the north west corner of the property, which runs down the north side of the property into Walloper Lake. The creek was dry on my visit to the property in mid August, but it will have lots of water running in the spring, and most likely a spawning channel for the rainbow trout. There is a small piece of the subject property on the other side of the creek.
What is very unique about this property is that there is only 3 other properties at the south end of the lake, and no other development to the north of the property, which offers a unique private setting.
Other Stats:
Quick and easy access to the Coquihalla Hwy., with approx. 20 minute drive to Kamloops.
Hydro and phone services are available at lot line.
2006 Gross property taxes are $862.00
2006 Crown Lease fee is $3,720.00
Zoning is AF - 1 and is not affected by the ALR
Crown Lease: Lease # 340465, File # 0276150
The property is presently locate don Crown Lease land. Crown Lease properties have been sold and Crown Granted on Walloper Lake over the past years. Any prospective buyers that may be interested in applying to purchase the land, which the subject property is located on should contract the Integrated Land Management Bureau in Kamloops. ( formerly Land & Water BC ) To discuss any details regarding the Crown Lease, or the assignment process, and any fees associated with this process please direct your inquires to Front Counter BC at 250 - 372 - 2127 in Kamloops, BC
Prospective buyers should also make their own inquiries at the Integrated Land Management Bureau in Kamloops or at ( Front Counter BC ) regarding the assignment process, and fees associated with the assignment process, as well as the time frame involved in this process. Information regarding the process to apply to purchase the land can also be directed to Front Counter BC
The 2006 Crown Lease fee is $3,720.00 which is based on 3% of the annual assessed land value, which was $124,000
The Crown Lease was renewed on September 10, 2004 for a 15 year term.
Walloper Lake Stats:
Located on the Nicola Plateau, Walloper Lake lies in gentle rolling hills forested in lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, and patches of aspen with engelmann spruce and willows in wetter sites. Patches of wild rose and red orsier dogwood are found as undergrowth. Grasses are the main ground cover with sedges in the moister areas.
The drop off is gradual around the shore except off the points on the southeast side of the lake. Most of the shoreline is till and has a well developed fringe of sedges, bulrushes and short willows. Boulders and cobbles are common along the steep drop-offs and the northwest shoreline. Two rocky points and a stretch of shoreline on the northeast are free from this fringe due to a steep drop-off. The east and west ends are flat and marshy. Walloper Lake is 36 ha. in size or 90 acres. the maximum depth is 25.6 feet. The elevation is 4,284 feet.
There is a BC Provincial Day-Use park located on the north side of the lake. Facilities include a boat launch and recently constructed pier.
Walloper Lake is a great family lake offering a large abundance of trout that average in the 1 - 2 lb. range with the odd one reaching 4 lbs. Walloper Lake contains good populations of freshwater shrimp (scuds ) and leeches making it an excellent choice for the fly fishers. The lake has an aerator to avoid winterkill of the fish stocks. Caution should be exercised in the winter because of the danger of open water created by the aerator.
Fishing & Hunting:
Moose and deer are plentiful in the surrounding region. ( especially deer ) Walloper Lake is in the heart of many dozens of fishing lakes including many 4 x 4 and walk-in lakes, that provide an excellent fishing experience.
Some of the more popular lakes in the area are; Lac Le Jeune, Paska, Face, Big Wyse, Little Wyse, Durrand, Duffy, Dairy Lakes, Fred, Rosemore, Little Forgmore, Big Frogmore, Jacko, McConnell, Stake, Lodgepole, Surrey, Sussex, Bob, MIldred, Harold, Ridge Lakes, Gump, Mamitt, Logan Lake, Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes. Fred and Ross-Moore are smaller lakes located about 3 miles to the east of Lac Le Jeune and can be accessed by taking a rough 4 x 4 road on the north side of Lac Le Jeune. Fishing can be excellent on both lakes with 4 to 5 lb. rainbows taken regularly.
Showings & Location:
You are more than welcome to visit the subject property and walk the property. Please respect other neighbors private property while you are in the area. Should you wish additional information please contact Bob Dirks of Premier Canadian Properties at 1-866-765-0579 or 250 - 765 - 0570
Driving time from:
  • Kelowna to Walloper Lake is approx. 2 hours.
  • Kamloops to Walloper lake is approx. 20 minutes.
  • Vernon to Walloper Lake is approx. 2 hours.
  • Merritt to Walloper Lake is approx. 20 minutes.
  • Logan Lake to Walloper Lake is approx. 15 minutes.
  • Fraser Valley to Walloper Lake is approx. 3 hours.
  • Vancouver to Walloper Lake is approx. 3 1/2 hours.
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